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Woodland Moss - Soy Candle - 13oz.

Woodland Moss - Soy Candle - 13oz.

Woodland Moss is a modern fragrance that has a universal appeal due to its blend of earthy, floral, and herbal scents. The fragrance begins with top notes of orange, grapefruit, and sage that combine to enhance the natural earthy quality. The heart of the fragrance is softened with the addition of lavender, which provides a soft floral and herbal touch. The base notes of amber, tonka bean, and oakmoss provide a deep and rich character to the fragrance, making it both captivating and refined. This fragrance is suitable for both masculine and feminine sensibilities, making it an ideal choice for any space or occasion. Woodland Moss can fills rooms with a sensual atmosphere, making it perfect for foyers or open living areas. It can also be used in more intimate spaces to add an intriguing infusion of scent. 

Overall, Oakmoss and Amber is a versatile and elegant fragrance that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a refined and captivating scent.

  • Return Policy

    At The Purple Parrot Co. we strive for excellence and stand by our products. If you experience a shipping mishap (breakage) or quality problem (candle tunneling), please send a photo of the product (at its faultiest) and we will either happily refund or replace your product.

  • Burning Guidelines

    Be sure to trim your wicks to 1/8" before burning. This will ensure a proper burn, and maximize your burn time. (Estimated 70 hours).

    Never leave your candle burning unattended.

    Never burn your candle close to loose clothing or curtains.

    Never burn your candle within the reach of young children or pets.

    It is not recommended to burn your candle more than 4 hours.


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