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Sea Mist - Soy Candle - 13 oz.

Sea Mist - Soy Candle - 13 oz.

Sea Mist....experience the the mist that is swept off the top of waves, or crashing against the rocks. This candle fragrance brings a refined, ozonic freshness to any space. The scent profile is a clean and invigorating blend of various notes that create a beautiful fragrance experience.

The top notes include ozone and crisp linen, which create a fresh and airy opening for the scent. The middle notes include eucalyptus, freesia, and sea salt. These notes complement each other and provide a beautiful blend of floral and earthy elements.

The base notes include a touch of powder and moss. The powder adds a light and airy quality to the scent, while the moss adds an earthy and green depth, creating a calming and luxurious fragrance experience.

It is a perfect fragrance for those who want to experience a peaceful and luxurious scent that evokes the feeling of being by the ocean.

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