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Canyon Cove - Soy Candle - 13 oz.

Canyon Cove - Soy Candle - 13 oz.

This fragrance is inspired by the canyons in Arizona,  and is a rich and sophisticated blend of various notes. The top notes of the fragrance include clove, peppercorn, and milky coconut, which create a warm and spicy opening for the fragrance. The middle notes of this fragrance are green violet, muguet, iris, and incense. These notes provide depth and complexity to the fragrance, creating a beautiful floral and earthy blend. The base notes of this fragrance include worn leather, sandalwood, amber, and cashmere musk, which add a warm and luxurious touch to the fragrance.

Overall, this fragrance is a beautifully crafted scent that combines warm and spicy notes with floral and earthy elements. The spiced coconut milk creates a unique and exotic touch, while the leather and musk provide a rich and sophisticated base. It is a perfect fragrance for those who want to experience a luxurious and unforgettable scent.

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